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Welcome to Enhance Me!

   Enhance Me is a limited service, licensed cosmetology (beauty) service that maintains the same safety and sanitation standards that are required for all fixed location shops. We are strictly a mobile operation at this point in time!

  The owner and sole employee of Enhance Me is Tamara Ann Valla. Tamara is a licensed Cosmetologist who has also been using and styling wigs for the  past 25 plus years. 


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She is also a certified Mac Makeup Artist Instructor and a Permanent Makeup Artist Instructor. She has been a member of the Transgender community for the past 40 plus years and is fully aware of the privacy issues involved. 

Services are currently only provided on a remote basis only, at a location chosen by the client.  Generally a visit to a client's hotel/motel room provides the best security for the client and allows the client the liberty of staying in or venturing out. 

She accepts clients by appointment only and at this time, for total security on her clients' part, accepts payment via Paypal, money orders, or cash.   Dates and times are secured with full payment.

There are no records kept of clients names unless they wish.  A name will be given to each client that does not wish to be identified, so that photos and other materials that are retained by Tami may be accessed.

Services available are listed in the menu of services and approximate length of appointment is shown.  Some may take less time and others will take more.  That is the nature of our business.  Tami is not on a clock, she generally charges by the individual services.  She will develop complete custom packages for individuals and price them accordingly. As much as she would love to talk all day about her TG life, she is a business woman and therefore charges for her time. 


Photos are taken with available settings,  "before and after" pictures are used to develop progress.  Pictures will be processed and provided on the client's personal storage media, either a pocket hard drive or flash chip. The numbers and character of the photos is determined by the client, there are no requirements for the studio to maintain any pictures of our clients.


For a Consultation by email:  tami@enhanceme.us

 To book an appointment, please call 360-929-5343

 Tamara is pleased to offer completely private consultations and services in the following areas:

Makeup, both conventional and permanent makeup

Note: Makeup services are the same for MtF transformations or Genetic Females.

Wig services, wig consultation, styling and sales

Male-to-Female (MtF) transformation packages 

Female to Male (FtM) transformation packages


Piercing services are also available

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Contact Tami or Andy at tami@enhanceme.us  or call us at 360-929-5343. This is Tami/Andy's personal cell phone and will be answered by one or the other, depending on the situation. Tami is not 100% full time and on rare occasions, Andy must be pressed into service.  We do however, attempt to limit his services....


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